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2011 Map of Birch Hills County

Strategic Plan
(PDF Document)

Meeting Schedule

Regular Council Meeting

June 14, 2018

Regular Council & ASB Meeting

July 12, 2018


Jim Alexy
Manager of
Infrastructure Maintenance

Dion Hynes
Director of Public Works

Michael Coy
Manager of
Infrastructure Projects

Eaglesham Hall Rental

To book the Eaglesham Hall contact

Lisa Price at the County office or



Birch Hills County

Birch Hills County is located in the Central Peace Region, bordered by the Peace River to the north and the Smoky River to the east. Located within the County are the hamlets of Eaglesham, Peoria, Tangent, Wanham and Watino. Oil and Gas provide the largest sector of employment in the county.

Fire Advisory

Because of the amount of rain received in the last few days the County has moved down to a fire advisory. If you are planning on burning, please notify the County office. At this time no burning of windrowed trees is allowed but burning of small brush piles is allowed.

To read the complete Birch Hills County Regional Fire Services Bylaw 2013-03 click here(PDF Document).

June 12, 2018

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Sale of Property (Land and Improvements) 

Birch Hills County is accepting proposals from proponents for the purchase of Eaglesham Airport, Plan 8321887.  Sale of the property would be in accordance with the Municipal Government Act (MGA) s. 70.1 & 2.  Request for Proposal (RFP) packages are available for pickup at the County Office during regular business hours, and for download here.


Municipal Council’s objective is for economic development and community enhancement.  The sale of this property is expected to achieve these goals; therefore, a proponent must indicate their intended use of the property and how their development plan meets these goals and must sign an agreement to that effect.


This request for proposal (“RFP”) implies no obligation on the Municipality to accept any proposal, or a portion of a proposal. The Municipality reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the RFP at any time.


Proposals must be submitted no later than Friday, June 29, 2018 by 12:00 pm (Mountain Time). It is the responsibility of the proponent to ensure that the proposal is received on time. Late offers will be returned to the proponent unopened.


All proposals must be signed by the proponent or an authorized representative of the proponent submitting the proposal. Unsigned proposals may be rejected at the discretion of the Municipality.


Faxed and/or Emailed Proposals will not be accepted.


Proposals must be submitted to the following address:


Hermann Minderlein

Chief Administrative Officer

4601 50th Street

Box 157

Wanham Alberta T0H 3P0

Community Newsletter

Read the newsletters for Eaglesham (PDF Document) and Wanham(PDF Document)

Check out the Town of Spirit River's Community Connect. (PDF Document)

Paying Bills Online

Pay your bills with telephone or online banking through:

  • ATB
  • Scotia Bank
  • Credit Union
  • TD Canada Trust
  • CIBC
  • BMO

Burnt River Crossing Closed

The Burnt River Crossing is closed.

June 6, 2018