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2011 Map of Birch Hills County

Strategic Plan
(PDF Document)

Meeting Schedule

Regular Council Meeting

APRIL 04, 2019


Jim Alexy
Manager of
Infrastructure Maintenance

Dion Hynes
Director of Public Works

Michael Coy
Manager of
Infrastructure Projects

Eaglesham Hall Rental

To book the Eaglesham Hall contact

Lisa Price at the County Office or



Birch Hills County

Birch Hills County is located in the Central Peace Region, bordered by the Peace River to the North and the Smoky River to the East. Located within the County are the hamlets of Eaglesham, Peoria, Tangent, Wanham and Watino. Oil and Gas provide the largest sector of employment in the county.


Effective 10:00am, Tuesday, March 19, 2019 the following road ban will be in place for all gravel roads:

75% of their registered axle weight between the hours of 10:00am to 10:00pm.


Are now being accepted, applications must be submitted to Birch Hills County Office by 4:30pm, Friday, April 05, 2019. For schedule "A" Recreation Operating Assistance Grant Application click here (PDF Document)

For futher Recreation Operating Assistance Grant Application information, look under our policy 71-01-19


Birch Hills County is requesting bids on positions to haul water for road construction and dust control during the 2019 construction season.  The position entails providing a water tank truck and water for the period of one year term of work.  Bid sheets and corresponding requirements can be obtained from the County Office in Wanham. 

Bids will be accepted until March 30, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. local time.


The County is requesting applications for gravel trucks for the re-gravel and stockpile programs which are paid by the loaded mile. The position entails providing a Belly Dump and/or Truck & Pup or Wagon Unit for a one year term of work. Application forms can be obtained from the County office in Wanham.

Applications will be accepted until April 05, 2019 at 2:00 p.m local time.


Burn Notification


Starting March 01, 2019, all burning activities in Alberta's Forest Protected Area, excluding campfires, will require a fire permit. Fire permits are free and can be obtained by contacting your local Alberta Agriculture and Forest Office. Phone toll-free 310-0000 to locate your nearest office.

To read the complete Birch Hills County Regional Fire Services Bylaw 2013-03 click here(PDF Document).

Community Newsletter

Read the newsletters for Eaglesham and Wanham.

Check out the Town of Spirit River's Community Connect.

Smoky River FCSS newsletter for October to December.

Paying Bills Online

Pay your bills with telephone or online banking through:

  • ATB
  • Scotia Bank
  • Credit Union
  • TD Canada Trust
  • CIBC
  • BMO
  • E Transfer:

Burnt River Crossing Closed

The Burnt River Crossing is closed.


Shaftesbury Ferry


Closed for the season.



RCMP Public Facing Crime - Mapping Project

Crime mapping is an innovative tool by which the Alberta RCMP is tackling the few offenders who commit the most crimes. This project allows the RCMP to continue to increase inter-agency communication and sharing criminal intelligence with its partners. It also encourages Albertans to participate in crime prevention strategies, such as reporting suspicious persons or activity, in an effort to be an extra set of eyes and ears for police in their communities. Initiatives such as this one can go a long way in creating safe and resilient communities for all Albertans.

Information about the Map:

  • Only certain crime types will be represented on the map;
    • Theft from Motor Vehicle;
    • Theft of Motor Vehicle;
    • Theft over/under $5,000;
    • Break & Enter;
    • Mischief; and
    • Missing Persons.
  • Emergency Situation Flag. Flags would only be used in emergency situations and for very short periods (School Lockdown, unfolding dangerous situation, Evacuation, Train Derailment etc.)
  • Plotted addresses will not be exact but rather a nearby intersection or street.
  • Entries are templated – only certain information can be entered (i.e. File Number and  Date)
  • The Templates are in English and French
  • Entries will automatically be removed after 14 days.
  • Minimal additional Detachment workload.

This service is being provided at no cost to the County.

Click on the Links tab at the top of the page to find the link to this map, you will also find a link to Crime Stoppers.

Note: McLennan Detachment is not live yet and is still greyed out on the public map.

Note: you can also call the Spirit River RCMP detachment complaint line at 780-864-3533.