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The building permit application and approval process ensures all home construction meets with Birch Hills County Zoning Bylaw requirements as well as meets with building and mechanical standards to ensure what you are building is safe. All permits will be issued in accordance with the Safety Codes Act and Regulations. Birch Hills County is an accredited municipality with safety services delivered at the local level allowing our municipality to be directly involved with the delivery of safety services and to address safety concerns in the county quickly and efficiently. We work in partnership with Superior Safety Codes Inc. whose mission is to provide all individuals ethical and timely service through an absolute commitment to integrity.

Prior to beginning your project, please refer to the Birch Hills County District Zone Map(PDF Document) and Land Use Bylaw (PDF Document) to aid in your Development Application (PDF Document) process, or give us a call, email or fax. Please send you completed application along with a site plan (PDF Document) or drawing (PDF Document) with the appropriate fees (PDF Document) to the County office. For the 2013 Land Use Bylaw Amendment for the Hamlet of Watino please click here.

An application for a development permit is, at the opinion of the applicant, deemed to be refused if the decision of a development authority is not made within 40 days of receipt of the application unless the applicant has entered into an agreement (PDF Document) with the development authority to extend the 40 day period.

A Roadside Development Application (PDF Document) must be completed for all proposed development or access within 300 meters of a Highway right-of-way boundary or within 800 meters of the center point of an intersection of the highway with another public road. General Instructions

Except where provided for in Section 4.2 of the Land Use Bylaw, no sign of advertising, directional or informational in nature shall be erected on land or affixed to any building or structure unless an application (PDF Document) for this purpose has been approved by the Development Authority. Please include your site plan (PDF Document) drawing.

Amending the Birch Hills County Land Use Bylaw can be done by following the outline in Section 8 of the Bylaw, completing the appropriate form and submitting the fees to the County offfice.


Subdivision Applications(PDF Document)

Birch Hills County Municipal Development Plan (PDF Document) (26.5MB)