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Tenders & Items for Sale


Currently there are no tenders out for Birch Hills County.

Items For Sale

See below for:


New Culverts & Couplers

The sale of new culverts will be based these conditions:

  • All culverts will be sold as is, no cutting of lengths of culverts will take place.
  • The price is at cost plus 10%.           

Anyone wishing to purchase a new culvert must do the following:

  • Pay for the culvert in advance of picking it up in the County Yard.
  • Supply their own fastening device (straps or chain etc.).
  • Provide a suitable safe method of transporting the culvert.
  • Be at the County yard in Wanham on the scheduled day and time for pickup.  Load times will be on the 1st Tuesday of every month from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon, program runs from May to October.
  • Verify the size and length of culvert and provide sales receipt with County personnel.

County staff will load each culvert and help ensure that you have fastened it properly. 


Grader Attachments

  • (1) 10’ V-plow & Lift Group combo
    Price $3000.00
    • Manufactured by The Dominion Road Machinery Co.
    • Was previously used on a Champion and Volvo grader

  • (1) 9’ V-plow & Lift Group combo  
    Price $2000.00
    • Previously used on a Champion and Deere grader

Grader attachments are being sold on a first come first serve basis.

Payment must be in form of certified check or bank draft. GST is separate and will be added to the price.

For more information please contact Birch Hills County at 1-780-694-3793, or Michael Coy via email at

Water Treatment Plant

Birch Hills County has for sale one (1) Water Treatment Plant consisting of Flocculator/Clarifier and Filter Tank as various components related to plant operations. 

Purchase in 1999

1 – Flocculator/Clarifier/Filter Tank

                *13 IGPM, 30 min Floccul, 120 min Clarif, 1.6 USGPM/sq. ft

                *Stainless Steel Construction

                *1.5m W x 3.6m L. x 2.4m H

                *Platform and Ladder, Galvanized Steel

                *2 Flocculators, 0.25 hp each

                *Inlet/Outlet Manual valves

                *Aquamatic Valves for outlet, BW, Rinse, Air scour, Desludge

                *3 Drain Valves, Manual 1”


                *Face Piping, SCh 80 pvc

                *Filter Media Sand and Anthracite

                *Outlet Pump, Goulds and Air scour Blower

3 – Chemical Feed Systems for Alum, Polymer and Chlorine

                *Chemical feed pumps may be available


1 – Turbidimeter

1 – Control Panel

5hp Backwash Pump

¾ hp Raw water Pump

Control Panel for Backwash and Raw water Pumps

Motor Starters for Backwash and Raw water Pumps

For further information please contact:

Birch Hills County at 780 694 3793 or