The 2023 annual Combined Assessment & Tax Notices were mailed on May 15, and are considered received on May 22. If you do not receive your notice(s), please contact the County Office.

Assessment Complaint Date July 25, 2023
Property Taxes due by August 15, 2023
Failure to receive a tax notice is not a reason for non-payment of taxes.

Payment Methods

The County accepts cash, debit, cheque and online banking through, ATB, BMO, CIBC, Credit Unions, ScotiaBank, and e-transfers to *please reference your ROLL Number when sending an e-transfer.


Penalties will be applied to the tax account as follows:

  • August 15th = 2%
  • September 15st = 4%
  • November 15st = 4%

Please return the remittance portion of your tax notice with your payment for receipting purposes. If you have any questions about your notice, or if any in-formation is incorrect, please contact our office at 780-694-3793 or by email