Council has approved the replacement of the water and sanitary sewer distribution system along 50th Street in Wanham scheduled for 2024.   This project is in partnership with AB Transportation, who will be repaving Highway 733 including 50th Street. The cost of this project is budgeted at $4.7 million which will be funded by grants and existing capital reserves.  Water and sewer services will be replaced to the property line of each existing developed property as well as the replacement of fire hydrants. 

Currently there are 27 vacant lots along 50th Street.  Any currently vacant lots, which previously had buildings and services connected will be replaced as part of the main project.  Owners of undeveloped vacant lots who wish to service their properties should contact the County office.  The owner will be responsible for all costs associated with the new service installation.  Preliminary budget estimates indicate $20,000 to service each vacant lot, however the actual price will be determined by the contractor and an agreement will be signed by each owner prior to starting the work.  Landowners within this area who wish to install services to their vacant lot must notify Birch Hills County by November 1, 2023.  Should you have additional questions, please contact Larry Davidson, CAO @ or 780-694-3793.