On behalf of Council, I would like to thank all those who took the time to provide comments and input into the Land Use Bylaw revisions.  I am pleased to share that Council has approved the Bylaw at the March 26th meeting.  The full Land Use Bylaw can be viewed here – 2024-01 Land Use Bylaw or on our Development Page. 

Major changes include:

  • The requirement for a Development Permit for all Ag related permanent developments – There will be no fees associated with this development permit application.
  • A new provision requiring adjacent property notification for discretionary use permits to allow input on a proposed application.
  • Changes to the developable area within Hamlet Residential, now to a maximum of 50% of the developable area of the lot.
  • Provision to allow for 6 chickens (no roosters) on lots of 4 acres or less within Hamlets, meeting the required animal husbandry requirements.
  • Provision to allow 2 head of livestock and 6 chickens (no roosters) on lots greater than 4 acres within Hamlets, meeting the required animal husbandry requirements.
  • Requirement that all new approaches be a minimum of 200ft. from the centre line of an intersection.
  • Identify that rural setback requirements for development will be measured from the centre line of a rural road, unless the property is adjacent to a Provincial Highway, which then is measured from the edge of the highway right of way.

Council has identified a further review and amendments to address development within the hamlet of Watino as well as update the Land Use Bylaw for wind and solar developments.  This work will likely start late summer/early fall once the Province releases their flood mapping for the area.


Larry Davidson
Birch Hills County