The Land Use Bylaw 2024-01 received First Reading on January 9th, 2024. A Public Hearing will be held on February 27th, 2024, at 9:15 a.m. during the Regular Council meeting in the Council Chambers at the County office in Wanham.

At the February 13th Regular Council Meeting. Council made the following motion:

That Council direct Administration to remove “Country Residential 2 (CR2)” from the proposed Land Use Bylaw amendments as well as the following edits: Other Amendments included:

  • Removing “RV Storage” from Agriculture and Agriculture Restricted districts.
  • Removing “Office” from all districts
  • Amend “Solar Farm” to “Solar Park” throughout the document
  • Ensuring the matrix matches the individual district pages.
  • Including all tracked changes from previous edits into one document.

The public hearing for the remaining amendments is still scheduled. Should you wish to speak about other amendments during the Public Hearing. Administration would ask that you notify the office in advance with your concern. Please note that Individuals may speak for a maximum of five (5) minutes.

Proposed Amendments – Full Bylaw Link Below

  • Changes to permitted and discretionary uses.
  • Lot coverage limit in Hamlet General District to 50%
  • Clarification in Building Setbacks from Municipal Roadways
  • A graphic to clarify sight triangles from Municipal Roadway Intersections.
  • Amendments to Country Residential District 1 (CR1) – Multi Parcel Development
  • Redistricting Agriculture zoned properties with Recreation use to Recreation Zoning.
  • Requirement for Permanent Agriculture buildings to apply for development permit, at no fee.
  • Allowing 6 backyard hens in Hamlet General and Country Residential 1 lots.
  • Allowing 2 animals (either Cows, Horses, Goats, Sheep) on Hamlet General lots larger then 4 acres and Country Residential 1 Lots.

February 7th – 2019-06 Land Use Bylaw Word Full Mark-up – Updated as of February 7th 2024