Live Fire Training Centre

To book the Centre call Tom Morgan at 780-864-8664 or for inquires you can call the County office.

Location: 5204 49 Street Wanham

Tracing Centre

The idea for the facility arose after a discussion within the Wanham Fire Department on the need for a live burn facility closer to home to train vital skills in. With the facility being closer, firefighters can train on a regular basis and build skills honed by time and practice, which would otherwise be impossible. Having a facility of this nature in our back yard will provide many of the volunteers the opportunity that they might not get if they had to take more time out of there busy schedules.  The volunteer firefighters that make up the majority of most departments, like most other volunteers, are stretched for time, with the limited number of course dates available and the coordination of those dates to the volunteers schedule, it is sometimes impossible for many members to attend.   This facility will allow the residents in the area the protection of some the finest, most realistically trained fire fighters in the entire province.  This type of project helps with volunteerism and recruitment in that happy interested volunteers stay longer and participate more.

This centre also provides a way for other departments from all over the Peace Region to train on various aspects of fire fighting.This training facility consists of a burn chamber (40 foot Sea Can) with 3 additional 40 foot sea cans, built to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) P1403 guidelines for safe live burn training.