Planning & Development

“Birch Hills County aims to protect and enhance the value of agricultural land and improve the quality of life for County residents.” – MDP. Bylaw No. 2017-06

Please note, all safety codes permits (building, electrical, gas, plumbing, private sewage) are issued on the County’s behalf through Superior Safety Codes (780) 882-8777.

Birch Hills County amended the Land Use Bylaw on March 26th, 2024

Please be aware of some of the following amendments listed below

    • The requirement for a Development Permit for all Ag related permanent developments – There will be no fees associated with this development permit application.
    • A new provision requiring adjacent property notification for discretionary use permits to allow input on a proposed application.
    • Changes to the developable area within Hamlet Residential, now to a maximum of 50% of the developable area of the lot.
    • Provision to allow for 6 chickens (no roosters) on lots of 4 acres or less within Hamlets, meeting the required animal husbandry requirements.
    • Provision to allow 2 head of livestock and 6 chickens (no roosters) on lots greater than 4 acres within Hamlets, meeting the required animal husbandry requirements.
    • Requirement that all new approaches be a minimum of 200ft. from the centre line of an intersection.
    • Identify that rural setback requirements for development will be measured from the centre line of a rural road, unless the property is adjacent to a Provincial Highway, which then is measured from the edge of the highway right of way.


To review all changes please see Land Use Bylaw 2024-01

Development Applications

Birch Hills County has the following Land Use Districts, all the permitted and discretionary uses of each district are listed in our Land Use Bylaw

  • Agriculture
  • Agriculture Restricted
  • Agriculture Collective
  • Country Residential
  • Hamlet General
  • Hamlet Commercial
  • Hamlet Industrial
  • Highway Development
  • Recreation
  • Rural Industrial
  • Crown Land
  • Direct Control

Farm buildings now require a development permit (at no fee) , you can access our application below.


If you are looking to re-designate your lands for another use, you can fill out a Land Use Bylaw Amendment Application. 


On November 3, 2021 the following motion was adopted by the Municipal Planning Commission:

MPC21-36 Moved by Member Joy McKay that the Development Officer will require a full legal survey for a subdivision application in Birch Hills County.

Please fill out our Subdivision Application (link to form) with an attached legal survey, along with the required fee, to start the Subdivision Process.

Road Closure/Lease

Birch Hills County offers the opportunity for landowners to lease unused road allowances, in the form of Road Closure Bylaws. Please be advised that public access to green zones are required.


Development/Subdivision Authority decisions can be appealed by filling out the applicable form and paying the required fee.

Subdivision Appeal Form

Development Appeal Form 

Stop Order Appeal Form

For any Planning & Development Questions, please contact Birch Hills County Development Officer at 780-694-3793 or