Current Utility Rates

K. Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste (Monthly)
1. Residential and Bulk Water    
i.) Bulk Water    
i.i.) Residential and Agricultural $6.50 Per Cubic Meter
i.ii.) Commercial/Industrial $13.00 Per Cubic Meter
ii.) Hamlet Residential and Commercial $6.50 Per Cubic Meter
iii.) Seniors Apartments $175.00 Per Location per Month
iv.) Municipal Water Line Fee $9.00 Per Line per Month
v.) Connection/Reconnection Fee for All Accounts $50.00 Per Connection
vi.) Renters Deposit Fee $500.00 One Time Charge
2. Wastewater    
i.)     Residential $24.00 Per Line per Month
ii.)  Seniors Apartments $175.00 Per Location per Month
iii.) Schools/Motels/Hotels $85.00 Flat Rate per Month
iv.) Sewer Line Inspection $500.00 Flat Rate
v.)  Thawing of Frozen Lines Cost Recovery Per Line
vi.) Sewage Lagoon Dumping (Wanham only) $5.00 Per Cubic Meter
3. Solid Waste    
i.)   Hamlet Collection    
1.1 Residential $13.25 Flat Rate per Month
1.2 Seniors Apartments $13.25 Per Four (4) Unit Structure per Month
ii. Garbage Cans    
1.1 Purchase $65.00 Per Can
1.2 Rental $3.00 Flat Rate
4. Shut Off/Door Notices    
i.)     First Notice $25.00 Per Notice
ii.)  Second Notice $25.00 Per Notice
iii.) Over Two Notices $25.00 Per Notice